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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 9, 2010 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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bill: they are outstanding the fact that they can drive at that speed and not crash. have a great thursday, everybody, we will see you friday. martha: we will see you right back here tomorrow. have a great day. jon: fox news alert and the protestess underway in london that have been going on for a week or so now h- are getting fierce at this moment. a second police officer has been hospitalized with serious injures as a result of the demonstrations. take a look, this is all happening near the house of parliament in britain. according to one of the sky news reporters on the scene there are at least 2 to 3 protestors out in the street, at least in his area, and the protests are getting worked, a sustained level of violence being directed at police, all because these students do not want to pay higher tuitions.
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they are tearing down barricades, throwing paint bombs, police with riot shields, gear and batons are trying to told them back. as you can see so far it is a situation that is deteriorating and growing worse. jenna: they expect a vote in a little over two hours in parliament about these plans to raise the tuition. as we've seen, as it drifted into nightfall in london it tends to get more escalated. we have as you mentioned john confirmation from our sky news reporter within the last 30 minutes things have escalated even further. jon: if you've been to britain everything is more expensive over there and we are accustomed to. a college education costs $4,700, u.s. dollars a year there. the proposal is to raise it over a couple of year period to about
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$14,000 in 2014. the students are chanting, education is not for sale, they are very angry about all of this. they have mobilized once again to make their displeasure known. and this is the result, at least two police officers hurt. hello, everybody i'm jon scott. jenna: nice of you to join us, i'm jenna lee. fox news alert on capitol hill. we are awaiting a key senate vote on the d.r.e.a.m. act, a controversial bill that gives some illegals a path to citizenship. here is what you need to know as it stands right now. the d.r.e.a.m. act affects illegal immigrants who entered the country before the age of 16, have lived here for at least five years and graduated from hen american high school or have a ged. if it's passed it will grant conditional, legal status to those who qualify for a ten-year
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time period. after those ten years they can apply for legal status this they joined the military for two years or completed two years of college education. some say this is a huge step toward a path to citizenship, others say it is amnesty. jon: liberal democrats are reeling over the tax cut compromise the president announced. they are angry that the deal he hammered out gives too much to the rich they feel. today 53 house democrats signed a letter opposing the tax cut deal. chris wallace is the anchor of fox news sunday. let's check in with him. 53 democrats, are they going to be able to get this thing passed that the white house wants. >> reporter: 53 wouldn't kill it. you're going to get almost all the republicans. that still leaves almost 200 democrats in this lame-duck
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congress. but 53 is a good start for the opponents, and everyone says here in washington, jon, that it's going to have a tougher time this tax deal compromise, between the president and republican leaders is going to have a much tougher time in the house than the senate. there is a theory in washington that if you have control of the house, and this has been true of both parties, that you don't even bring something to the floor unless it has the sue mort of supportof a majority. you don't pass something primarily with pop situation votes. some of the opponents are saying that they are going to try to get the democratic caucus to agree that unless a majority of democrats that it shouldn't even come up to the floor for a vote. jon: it seems like politics is the art of compromise but nobody wants to compromise, even some conservatives are upset over the spending in this bill. but the president and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell
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got together, they seem to like it, they think they have a deal, and yet these 53 in the house, 53 democrats are saying, no compromise. >> reporter: well that's right. interestingly enough joe biden which has really been the point man for the president in negotiating if deal with senator mitch mcconnell trying to tell it in the house and senate met with house democrats yesterday and they said, could -- one of the things they really are upset about is the deal on estate taxes, because instead of it going up to 55% for people who have bigger estates than 3.5 million it would be 35% and there would be an exemption for the first five mile. they say can we change that. in effect biden said no, this is the deal, take-it-or-leave-it. and a lot of democrats, particularly liberal democrats want to leave it. it will be a question to see whether a combination of some democrats and all the
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republicans can pass this. jon: then there is the question that we were talking about earlier the d.r.e.a.m. act, the house has passed it but it doesn't necessarily look like it will make it through the senate. >> reporter: that's right. interestingly enough, the democratic leader in the senate, harry reid had scheduled a vote for today, a procedural vote. he tried to take that back, now that the house has passed it he wanted them to vote on the house version not the senate version. he needed unanimous convent to do that. a republican who oppose the bill refused to let him take this back. so they will have a vote that will go down to defeat. they want to say we are against this and show we are against it. some people say that harry reid is tish lee pushing this to make a political statement whether it passes or not to hispanic voters both in his state of nevada and around the country that
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supposedly allegedly the democrats are on their side and the republicans aren't. jon: john brandt sent us word that he was covering the house democratic caucus meeting this morning and heard chants of "just say no." that is never a good sign at the legislative process. >> reporter: no, i think there is a lot of anger. this lame-duck is anything but lame in terms of drama and stories for us to cover. you've got "don't ask don't tell" which is up for grabs, you've got start. you've got the d.r.e.a.m. act, in addition of course this battle -- i don't think there is a lot of opposition on the right, yes you're right. jenna: jim demint is against it, the real fire is coming from the left on this come proceed phaoeugs between obama and mcconnell. and they run out of funding unless they are able to pass legislation to have a continuing resolution. a lot of action to get done
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before christmas. jon: yes there is, not always pretty to watch either. you can watch more of chris on fox news sunday. his guests paul ryan and chris van holland. you can tune in at 2:00pm or 6pm eastern right here on fox news channel. as always "happening now" is talking to you online during our broadcast, the live chat is up and running. we want to know what you think about the d.r.e.a.m. act, is it good, bad or are you undecided? do you think it can or should pass the senate. hop on the shot, send us a message on our home page. we'll read some of them during the program. jenna: new information that we are getting, amazon' website in the u.k. is selling diplomatic cables which were just released on the website wikileaks. they are selling them in the form by an e-book by an author
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unrecognizable by name. apparently they are on sale for $11.60. that is available on amazon's u.k. website. interestingly because amazon's website here at home refused to host wikileaks website on their server. an interesting piece of information we wanted to share with you as we talk a little bit more about this growing cyber what are over wikileaks. anonymous hackers who claim they are defending wikileaks and its jailed founder julian assange are taking action bringing down the website of the swedish government a short time overnight. julian assange is fighting extradition over rape charges. they say their campaign is far from over. steve centanni is live in washington 0. what do we know about the hackers. >> reporter: not much, they call their effort operation pay back. they are conducting what they call a war of data. one young computer programmer
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interviewed gave his name as cold blood and said the cyber attacks are in full swing . just after the arrest this week of julian assange the aacks began. the targets include mastercard and paypal, both of which had stopped processing donations to wikileaks. was also hit and so was amazon which cut them off from using their servers. so was sarah palin after she criticized wikileaks and julian assange. it came up as unavailable and it said the page does not exist. the government of sweden who filed the rape charges has also been a target, jenna. jenna: what is the latest on the investigation into julian assange. >> reporter: he's wanted in sweden but there is growing pressure in the u.s. to prosecute him under the espionage act. the army has a criminal
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investigation underway against private bradley manning who is accused of giving the secret government documents to wikileaks, that investigation led by the army criminal investigation division with the justice department and fbi contributing. manning by the way still in jail in quantico, virginia. jon: a travel nightmare underway in cleveland. the city struggling to shovel out from under several feet of snow and another big within the blast is bearing down. we'll take you there. u.s. troops heading to afghanistan learning carpentry and plumbing? mike to be inch has their story. >> reporter: take a look around, this is not your standard infantry training and these are soldiers preparing to deploy to afghanistan. i'll explain coming up. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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students are protesting by the thousands there, a plan to increase tuition to make students pay more of the cost of their education. it's all a part of the budget as you staiasausterity measures. two police officers have been injured in these riots today. we will take you back there and keep you updated as best we can. jenna: when you think of what it takes to defeat the al-qaida you might not think of skills like plumbing or carpentry. some of our troops heading to afghanistan are getting a crash course on both. let's find out why. mike to be inch is live in kentucky to explain this. mike, what is going on with this training?
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>> reporter: there are a couple different approaches that they are taking here, one is what the military calls forced protection. sadly, jenna we have lost soldiers that are forward deployed due to things like bad wiring. in this case they are working on plumbing. what these soldiers can do particularly when they get out of the forward operating bases where things are rough they can look at the way things are wired, the way pipes are installed, spot if it's bad. they'll not only have the qualities to see if the pipes are bad there and they can do something about it, jenna. jenna: what do the soldiers think of this? >> reporter: well the soldiers think it's great because in part they are going to come away with a skill and an option to pursue a career when they get out of the army. when they improve their own standard of living they get
11:17 am
support out of the local communities and intelligence out of the communities because they can do this. jenna: mike, thank you. bill: we are going to take you back to london now. these protests, thousands of students out in the streets. they have been for roughly a week now, but today this thing seems to be coming to a head. these are not only students, but also union members who have been demonstrating through central london again proposes in -- proposed rises in tuition rates. parliament is getting ready to vote on these reforms. obviously these students and union members are trying to make their voices heard but they are doing so i in a violent way. a couple of police officers have been seriously hurt. the government coming under protest, even some liberal democrats are taking heat from the protesters who say they have been sold out. we'll keep an eye on the sis, take you back there as events warrant.
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and this fox news weather alert. have you been outside lit lee. jenna: it's cold. i'm glad we are inside. bill: bit early cold in a lot of places. wintry weather stretches from new york to the great lakes and into the deep south and it's just the beginning now. take a look at this video from cleveland, heavy snow falling fast at the height of last night's rush-hour creating slippery roads, bumper-to-bumper traffic and all kinds of fender benders. jenna: the icy temperatures making for hard landings in the sunshine state as well. three helicopters crashing while trying to warm frosty crops in palm beam county. one pilot was injured. many farmers in florida are working around-the-clock to try to save their fruits and veggies from dying on the vine. if that happens it leaves higher prices for us as well. bill: a winter storm is brewing, it's expected to strike this weekend. is it going to hit you?
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let's turn to janice dean. she is live in the weather center. >> reporter: don't blame the weather machine okay. bill: we would never. >> reporter: it's cold outside. look at the current windchills. what it feels like on your skin when you head outside and you're not properly closed. make sure you're bundled up. feels like 10 in minneapolis, 7 in chicago. 13 in cleveland. we have a fast moving clipper system that will bring 1 to 3 inches of no across the great lakes and midwest. this system bringing snow and rain as far as south as san francisco, and as jon and jen a mentioned we have a storm system that is brewing this weekend. we'll talk about it coming up next hour. that is a tease. stay where you are. jenna: the senate is making its first of several votes on the d.r.e.a.m. act. supporters call it a crucial first step to immigration refo
11:20 am
reform, others call it amnesty. we are going to talk it. rick is ot our news desk with a manhunt. >> reporter: women are urged not to walk alone and be vigilant after a serial strangler could be on the loose. police with brand-new information linking this man to two and perhaps many more attacks in philly. the latest coming right up on "happening now." naturally colorful vegetables are often a good source of vitamins, fiber, or minerals. and who brings you more natural colors than campbell's condensed soups? campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ we know diamonds. together we'll make her holiday.
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bill: a scary story just developing, a community very much on edge after four women have been sexually assault eud and strangled. police are now saying it's likely the work of a serial killer on the lose. rick folbaum has the story from our breaking news desk. >> reporter: they are starting to call him the ken'sing ton
11:24 am
strangler. two of his victims are dead and police are waiting for dna test results to see if they can link him to two other attacks where the women survived. all of these attacks have taken place since halloween. one of his victims who survived who was able to fight him off with a brick described him as this. at least once he was listening to a white ipod. they say he was wearing a dark-colored puffy coat, dark sweatshirt and faded blue jeans. the women who survived say that they were stange eld almost to the point of losing consciousness. all of these victims they seem to fit into the same general profile, all young, they are all white, they've been described by police as either being prostitutes or drug addicts. among those killed a 21-year-old nursing student whose family says she was trying to turn her
11:25 am
life around after a history of drug use. she was found november 3rd. the same man who killed her filled a 35-year-old woman whose body was found on november 13th. police are trying to figure out if the same killer was responsible for the death of a 22-year-old woman who was found just last friday. that woman's mother says her daughter told her she knew one of the earlier victims. if you know anything about these murders and assaults police in philly want to hear from you. the tip line is on the screen. give them a call if you know anything. you can do that without using your name. bill: rick folbaum thanks. >> we oh it to the young men and women whose lives westbound affected. we owe it to the people to build our economy, i ask members of both sides to sit down, pause and reflect as to whether or not we can afford to say to these
11:26 am
talented young men and women, there is no place in america for you. there is a place. jenna: that was senator dick durbin, the author of the d.r.e.a.m. afpblgt it would give some illegals who are in school or in the military a pass to citizenship. it passed in the house last night. at this moment right now the senate is voting on it. if it passes it moves towards debate. david drucker is a staff writer for role call. what are the odds here. >> the odds aren't good. i don't think it will get the 60 votes it needs tho overcome a fill louisiana bus for. proponents of the d.r.e.a.m. act will have to live to night another day. jenna: some say if the act doesn't pass it's going to be years and years before another bill like it will come up. why is that? >> well i think that proponents of this bill and this whole idea have been working for about a decade to try and make it happen and it finally yesterday in the house of representatives got its first vote ever. whenever you have a vote and the
11:27 am
vote fails, it takes a while to come back, not to mention the fact that in january you're going to have a republican-controlled house by a wide marriage i can, you're going to have a strengthen republican minority in the senate. it will have a harder time coming to fruition going forward. that's why many democrats have been pushing for this in the lame-duck session, simply because they feel this is your last, best chance. i don't think we've necessarily heard the last of this issue. it just may be a while. jenna: if you're an opponent of the bill you think okay good if it doesn't pass we're not going to see it for a while, obviously immigration reform, comprehensive reform is a hot topic for both parties. how do you think the future of this bill, or just the conversation about it affects other bills we might see on immigration reform in the next congress? >> well, i don't think this necessarily has an affect on what can happen going forward. i think the best way for congress to tackle immigration reform, given that it is such a political visceral issue that
11:28 am
sparks hot emotions on both sides is to try and tackle it in a small way. do little things. deal with enforcement and then maybe you can deal with how you deal with people that are here illegally. i think that if members of congress and the president continue to push for something all encompassing and comprehensive it's just going to have trouble. so if people want to deal with immigration reform, think small and think gradual and think many steps, i think that might give them a better shot. look, we've tried comprehensive for the past four or five years, it hasn't worked. jenna: you know, david i'm getting a piece of breaking news that i want to get your thoughts on if you'd be so kind to stay with us on a different top i be. this is coming through from our capitol hill producers. fox has learned that the house democratic caucus has just approved a nonbinding effort by congressman defazzio which would keep president obama's controversial tax cut plan off
11:29 am
the house floor unless a majority of the democratic caucus favors the measure. it goes onto say, though that it's important to note that this vote in the caucus is not enforce anal. pelosi said this morning that the house would not touch the bill until the senate completed action on it first. what is your reaction to that, keeping the bill off the floor unless a majority of the democratic caucus favors the measure. what is your reaction to that news? >> i think it's potentially problematic for the president. the key thing you mentioned there, jenna is that the house wants the senate to go first. i think if the senate approves this deal and sends it to the house eye probably going to be brought up and it's probably going to pass. there are many democrats in the house that won't vote for it, they don't like it, they wish they would fail. a lot of democrats in fact on both side of capitol hill would be happy to let the tax cuts expire for everybody and go fight with the republicans in the next congress. i don't think that's where the
11:30 am
president or top leaders in the senate really want to go. i i think ultimately if the sene can get this done within the next four, five, six days it will be brought up and pass. democrats are so incensed by this, many of them that i'm not going to offer you a guarantee that this thing couldn't ultimately have trouble been be delayed. they just simply don't like it. jenna: that is the important point to point out to our viewers. it seems based on that news that the timeline could be moved further down the road over the next couple of weeks to see if we do indeed have a compromise. thank you so much for your perspective on -pt d.r.e.a.m. act and breaking news as well. >> happy to do it, thanks. bill: america's national debt load is huge and getting bigger. what is the problem? the chairman of the point chiefs of staff is now calling it a national security threat. we'll explain why in a live report. that is next. one of america's closes allies
11:31 am
facing drastic austerity measures because of its debt. take a look at what is going on in the streets of london. people there are furious, the latest on these violent protests, largely coming from students and union members coming up. nobody in my family ever had a heart attack. if anything, i thought i'd get hit by a bus, but not a heart. my doctor put me on an aspin regimen to help protect my life. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. check with your doctor because it can happen to anybody.
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jenna: a fox news alert on the economy right now, want to tell you a little bit about some of this breaking news from ford motor company, the company just
11:35 am
announcing it's going to be adding 1800 jobs at one of its plants in louisville, kentucky. as you might remember, ford is the only american car company that did not accept a bailout from the government, so this is the news from the company today. we did see jobless claims, americans filing for unemployment benefits, we did see that fall in the latest week, and it looks like things are improving, a trend is merging, but when new jobs pop up, we want to talk to you about that. we're also going to talk to someone from ford in our next hour, so if you want some questions for one of the ford big wigs that we have coming on, just join our chat at jon: well, it seems like there is no end in sight to america's debt crisis. about half of the country's growing debt is borrowed from other nations. now, that could cause big inflation spikes, also force drastic spending cuts if we can't get things under control. in fact, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, america's top military officer, admiral
11:36 am
mike mullen is calling the debt the most significant threat to our national security. jim angle is live in washington with more. some lawmakers are sounding alarm bells about all the increased spending in the tax deal and elsewhere, jim. not so much the deal it, but the failure to look ahead? >> reporter: well, that's right, jon. look, even some of those who support extense of the tax cuts and even other measures say all those things must be accompanied by some plan for the future to reduce spending and deficits or we place ourselves at the mercy of foreign lenders who may not -- probably don't have -- our best interests at heart. senator tom coburn's been warning for some time as he did again last night on the senate floor that even as we lament deficit spending, we just keep doing it without laying out a road map for how we're going to cut back. listen. >> what should the american people make of this? it's kind of like we're on the titanic here in america, and everybody says the bar's open, we'll just have a party the next
11:37 am
two weeks, we're going to spend another $900 billion. or we're going to set it up so it can be spent. >> reporter: one of the things that concerns senator coburn and others is that we're borrowing trillions of dollars from overseas -- the u.s. now owes more than $4 trillion abroad, half of that to foreign governments, and a good chunk of that to the chinese. listen. >> if you get in the situation where you've borrowed enormous sums of money from china and can you need them to help from, say, a north korean problem. they may not be interest inside doing that, and what can dow do? -- you do? you need the next loan. >> reporter: so one anti-deficit group is running a chilling ad of a chinese professor explaining to students how great empires failed. the ancient greeks, the roman and british empires and the united states as he notes how the u.s. just kept borrowing and borrowing. [speaking in native tongue] [laughter]
11:38 am
>> you can change the future. you have to. join citizens against government waste. >> reporter: and if we don't come up with a plan, jon, we are vulnerable at whatever point others decide for whatever reason that they don't want to loan us anymore or want much higher interest rates which could hammer the economy and send us right back into an economic crisis. jon? jon: that is sobering stuff. jim angle -- >> reporter: isn't it throe? jon: it sure is. thanks very much. jenna: all right, just moments ago we were talking about the dream act, and so something just happened moments ago in the senate that changed, actually, this entire story today. so what was going to happen is that senate democrats wanted the senate to vote on the dream act. it's a cloture vote, and it would lead the dream act to debate, and after the debate they get to vote on it. as you know, the house passed their version of the dream act last night.
11:39 am
apparently what happened is senator harry reid did not want to go ahead with the cloture vote on debate -- jon: which usually indicates he doesn't have enough votes to pass it. jenna: that's a good point. so at the last minute he changed the vote not to allow this act to go to debate, but to table the dream act cloture vote altogether -- jon: well, the senate's rules are so arcane and so confusing, but harry reid decided he didn't want to vote on the dream act today after all, each though the house passed it last night. he got some objections from republicans -- jenna: that's right. jon: -- in that, you know, parliamentary maneuver that he engaged, and so it looks like -- jenna: no vote. jon: no vote. jenna: well, we'll see because if they don't get to vote -- [laughter] if they don't get to vote the cloture vote against it, then you could eventually see the debate. but you know that democrats have the majority in the senate still here and, therefore, we probably won't see the dream act being
11:40 am
taken up at all. jon: all right. jenna: for now. if senator reid eventually could have it come up in the lame duck session. we'll keep you up-to-date. it's a little confusing, but there's a lot moving down in d.c. here's another part of the, well, the agenda during the lame duck session that we're trying to keep up-to-date on. the president taking plenty of heat for the new tax deal. many on the left are upset over extending the tax cuts for the rich. in the meantime, there are those on the right who are angry about spending attached to the bill. is there common ground where both sides can make progress? the executive washington editor of the "wall street journal" is joining us today. jerry, you were talking about an outbreak, you called it, of of adult conversation between the two parties in washington that started this week. what do you think's most significant about what we're seeing down in d.c.? >> well, there's still plenty of shouting as you've been indicating in the news flashes over the last few minutes, but at heart you've got something going on that hasn't happened
11:41 am
much. democratic president agreed with republican leaders on a tax deal. those are not the kind of words you saw strung together much over the past couple of years. not only the fact there was a bipartisan agreement on a tax deal, you had last week a south korean free trade agreement that both democrats, republicans and, frankly, the chamber of the commerce on the right and the united autoworkers on the left both decided they could support, and that's unusual as well. you had a debt commission that jim angle was just talking about that actually produced a plan that a conservative senator, tom coburn, and a liberal democratic senator, dick durbin from illinois, could both vote for. and so those are encouraging signs. we may have before the year is out a bipartisan agreement to ratify a strategic arms agreement with the russians. i don't know how long this might last, but it's certainly different right now in that sense than it's been for a while. jenna: you coined the term middle of the road radicals referring to the independents not attached to either political party but feel strongly about
11:42 am
the direction of our country. where do you think the middle of the road radicals stand as they see what's happening during this lame duck session? >> well, it's a really good question, jenna, because i think those are precisely the people president obama is directing his actions towards right now. he knew when he did the tax deal with the republican leadership in congress that liberals in the his party were going to be unhappy about it, and they're certainly unhappy, if not outraged. they did not want all the tax cuts extended into next year. but on the other hand, independents have reacted differently. we've talked to some of them and they've said essentially, well, maybe we did like extending, maybe we didn't, but we've got to get something done, but we trust the president to do this. let's move ahead, we want problems solved in washington. so that action speaks directly to those radicalized independent voters much more than another fight over tax cuts would have. jenna: well, we'll see as you were mentioning how long this stays because we talk about independence being cyclical at times. always nice the see you. >> thanks.
11:43 am
jon: new developments in the case of a missing baby boy. the mother of little gabriel is due in court at any time now. she faces charges in the disappearance of her son, and now we're learning about a new jailhouse interview that could mean all charges get dropped. that's coming up. and, gentlemen, if you haven't heard, we are in a man session. jenna: a man session? jon: a man session, jenna. you don't have to worry about it, but i do. [laughter] why the recession is hitting men much harder than women. that's next. leftover desserts, boardroom, now. thanks, i already have some yummy black forest cake. black forest cake? ♪ [ female announcer ] need a guilt free treat? try yoplait light. and i've lost weight. [ female announcer ] with 30 delious flavors
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oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! ♪ [ male announcer ] you know her. we know diamonds. together we'll make her holiday. that's why only zales is the diamond store. where you'll get an extra 10% off storewide now thru sunday. >> reporter: i'm rick folbaum at the breaking news desk. brand new pictures in from london. watch this horse. a police horse rattled by the chaos on the ground there in central london. the officer falls off the horse and is then tram bled by his own o horse. you can see him getting attention on the ground. these protests have been growing more and more violent.
11:47 am
at least two police officers have now been injured in this. several of the demonstrators as well. the crowds are growing bigger and more rowdy as students protest planned tuition hikes in london. we'll bring you more information on this as soon as we get it. jenna: that's unbelievable. wow. we're going to definitely pay attention to that. also a fox news alert, the labor department relouising the week -- releasing the weekly jobs report. it's the second lowest level this year, and it's also lower than wall street expected. so we're moving in the right direction, but a reminder one week doesn't make a trend. most economists would like to see that number on your screen down to at least 300 to 350,000. jon? jon: the great recession has been dubbed the man session. many more men than women have lost jobs and unemployment among men 2% higher than it is for women. doug mcel way is live in washington with an explanation as to why.
11:48 am
>> reporter: we're about to pose a question, now, that's going to take us -- especially you and me -- into a mine field now of the gender wars, one that has been known to create that unspoken tension between husbands and wives and even co-can chor teams. -- co-anchor teams. here we go. has the recession unfairly hit men more than women? the term was actually coined by a university of chicago economist, mark perry, who called the recession a downturn for women but a catastrophe for men. in fact, between december of 2007 and may of 2009 of the 5.7 million jobs lost in the u.s., 80% were held by men. most of those jobs in the blue collar male-dominated manufacturing sector. the firebrand feminist writer who feminists love to hate, christina somers, takes it controversial step forward saying some feminist groups pressured the obama administration to direct stimulus funds from shovel-ready jobs to more female-friendly
11:49 am
sectors such as education and health care. >> there's so many women's groups that are vigilant about protecting women's interests, they see efforts to to help men as part of a backlash. >> but the liberal huffington post creates a different picture, plenty of stimulus money went to traditional male sectors. the writer says half of of the projected new green jobs being created by stimulus programs will be in haley male-dominated jobs -- heavily male-dominated jobs. bottom line, though, says former bush administration secretary of labor elaine chao, if you want to help everybody regardless of gender, free up the private sector. >> the deluge of harassment and heavy-handed regulations that are coming out of, gushing out of -- gushing out of washington has a real dampening effect on job creation.
11:50 am
>> reporter: many economists agree that a lot of blue collar manufacturing jobs will never return, lost to overseas competition and technology. the best defense against that is education and training and high-tech skills. if some see that as femme myization of tough blue collar guys, jon, it might be time to woman up. jon: ooh. i don't like the sound of that. [laughter] doug, thanks very much. doug mcelway in washington. -and-a-half i think we just coined a new term. woman up, jon. another big story today, a war on the web. hackers retaliating for action against wikileaks and its founder. they're launching cyber attacks shutting down government and company web sites around the world. can they actually be stopped? we're going to talk to an internet security expert next. ♪ ♪ ♪
11:51 am
♪ [ male announcer ] at&t and blackberry have teamed up to keep your business moving. blackberry torch now just $99.99. only from at&t. rethink possible.
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11:54 am
jon: well, there is war underway right now on the internet. the cyber battle over wikileaks. anonymous hackers vowing revenge on companies that have cut ties with wikileaks. they're declaring operation payback with. supporters of the whistle-blowing web site and its controversial founder, julian assange, are targeting government and private web sites that have taken action against wikileaks. the hackers, boasting they cannot be stopped unless the entire internet is shut down. let's talk about what they're doing with internet security expert and president of e-forensics, john lucic. what they are doing is going after these sites like visa and mastercard, companies that stopped doing business with wikileaks, stopped process payments for them, they're going after them in revenge. >> yes, they are. what they're doing is sending a lot of data packets to their site. we've all seen when facebook went down, twitter went down because of overloads. can you imagine if thousands and thousands of sites at the same
11:55 am
time not only accessed one site, but sent a data flow so tremendous from thousands of sites it just literally cripples them. now, heir not impacting the transactions, they're going on, but they are impacting the web site, and i would think what they're trying to do is just get a name for themselves out there. jon: it's like trying to take an entire stadium full of people and show it through a 2-foot-wide door at one time. >> once you identify a site as sending a lot of traffic to you, you can shut it down, but then they quickly move to another site, and they have so many sites attacking it, you can't literally go after thousands of sites. jon: it's anarchy on the web, essentially, isn't it? >> absolutely. when you turn it into an unlawful protest, they have crossed the line. they are breaking the law, and it's going to impact us. if we don't go after these people because of them, soon enough they're going to come after us. jon: pretty hard to find them, though, isn't it? pretty hard to trace the people who have been sending these requests outsome. >> well, there are ways to do it. i don't want to go over it, but
11:56 am
there are ways to track these people down. they're organized, they know who each other are. someone's going to talk somewhere. you grab one of these guys, you squeeze 'em, he gives up the rest of the people. jon: so it's a relatively small number of people, you think, doing a whole lot of damage. >> relative to population, but when you're talking about thousands and thousands of people which are involved in this, absolutely. jon: john lucic, thank you. >> thank you. jenna: jon, as night falls in london, take a look at some of the live pictures we have of the protests still going on as we await a vote in parliament over these proposed tuition hikes. thousands and thousands of people gathered outside parliament and, obviously, not happy with the vote that they're taking up. you can see there's been some violence in the street, there's been a few injuries. overall, the reports have been very mixed as this crowd has gotten more and more violent. we'll continue to watch these live pictures out of london and bring you the breaking news in just moments. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
jon: hello, i'm jon scott. lots of news breaking on "happening now." jenna: a busy day for sure. hi, everybody, i'm jenna lee. it's high noon in the east, and we have an explosive situation in the west right now. a house in escondido, california, packed with explosives to be set on fire we expect in the next few minutes. the sickle-story -- single-story home was a bomb factory. the local bomb squad saying it's so dangerous, it's not worth the risk of trying to remove the explosives. jon. jon: they are building -- they have built that 16-foot wall that you see in that left-hand shot. the hot sits -- house sits behind that wall, they are trying to protect it from neighbors, protect neighbors from what is about to occur. we're waiting for this controlled burn to get under way. no telling what's going to happen, this thing could go up like a roman candle, it could even explode. we'll be with keeping an eye on this throughout the hour.
12:01 pm
jenna: well, from the west back to the east, now, and another fox news alert. the fight between the white house and house democrats heating up and really boiling over at this point. listen to this. house democrats are attempting to block the tax cut legislation the president worked out with republican leaders. house democrats passing a resolution saying they will not vote on the proposed tax package. here's oregon congressman pete defazio on that vote. >> united states house of representatives, the democratic caucus of the house still controls the house of representatives will not take up this tax bill in this its current form. we have tremendous concerns about what was given away by the white house to mitch mcconnell in the senate, the unbelievable expense particularly of the estate tax provision for estates over $10 million, that would be a burden on all the american people for three generations to benefit a few thousand families. and the high income tax credits
12:02 pm
which we've also raised taxes about, or tax reductions. there were many other concerns among caucus members. green jobs revisions, violating firewalls around social security, a huge range of opinions. so the vote was virtually unanimous. i heard one voice in opposition. out of the entire democratic caucus of the house. so we have given our leadership license to force the senate and the white house back to the table to get a better deal for the american people. jenna: so congressman defazio asserting a little power there. take a look at the person on your screen, that's house majority whip steny hoyer saying the democrats will eventually have to cave, and that's not his word -- not cave, but have to agree on this issue. it's been back and forth, jon, though because at times we're hearing more democrats than not are supporting this compromise. then we're hearing that, now, most of them do not.
12:03 pm
so the tax compromise issue still toiling on capitol hill. jon: president obama making some comments this morning warning that americans will see smaller paychecks and fewer jobs if bush era tax cuts are not extended. but are there enough votes to get those cuts extended? the nobody better to cover this question than carl cameron. he's live on capitol hill. so when do we see an actual bill here or a vote on it? >> reporter: well, we're being told that it's likely it'll come up this afternoon which would be tremendously quick. mitch mcconnell, the senate republican leader, is saying it is his belief that there will be a bill produced by democrats by the end of today for them to at least look at in the u.s. senate which really kind of puts a contrast into what's happening on the house side. that resolution that defazio authored and can the house democrats have agreed to is large binding. it's largely, entirely symbolic. they, they will take this up eventually, and what mcconnell and republicans now envision is a situation where the senate
12:04 pm
gets a piece of legislation today. perhaps not with the actual analysis of its cost from the congressional budget office, what's referred to as the cbo score. that may delay it, perhaps not. the democrats and republicans in the senate are trying to get something that can actually be debated. yesterday senate democrats sent to the white house a list of requested alterations, some sweeteners and changes to the bill, to the proposal of the framework that the president and the republicans put together. the answer on that is, no. there will be no changes or alterations to the basic framework. there was a handshake deal, mcconnell said, between himself and the president. so those types of adjustments will not be allowed which means if bill does come to the floor this afternoon, the senate could conceivably vote to begin debate on it within three days which means that there would be potentially work this weekend and the legislation and, perhaps, a vote to pass it in the senate next week. then it would go to the house where even though house democrats say they're not going to pass this, that would be a huge blow to the president and a
12:05 pm
sign that the outgoing democratic majority was, essentially, hamstrung in its final hour. very, very unlikely. there's actually renewed optimism that this is back on the tracks and that the democrats will come around with pressure from joe biden. the vice president himself told democrats yesterday that there would be no changes, the deal is the deal, take it or leave it. a lot of democrats are saying leave it today, but by the time the senate finishes its work, most people believe they'll change their view. jon: so despite those 53 signatures from house accurate democrats who say they don't support this thing, t going to get done -- it's going to get done? >> reporter: the jobless extensions and to expand up to $250,000, and while democrats are complaining republicans got too much and, this their words, the president caved on this, they're expected to come around. that resolution today expresses
12:06 pm
their sentiment and objection, but they're legislators. they're elected to make laws, pass bills. congress controls the pursestrings. to not do that would be a complete abdication, so today a largely-symbolic expression of their opposition, but opposition that's not likely to last all that long. jon: carl cameron on capitol hill for us. thanks. jenna: but until the deal's done, it's not done. jon: no. jenna: right? that's the bottom line. chris stirewalt is fox news digital politics editor. chris, we're looking so much at this story from the side of democrats in the house disagreeing with the white house. but you wrote a little bit today about something else we should be watching for, and that's republican support for this bill. what's your gauge on that? >> reporter: well, look, jenna, this is a very serious negotiation, and this is, as they would say, a near-run thing. it is no certainly that -- certainty that this measure's going to goat through the senate, and it becomes very doubtful if house makes any
12:07 pm
changes whatsoever to this. so, basically, the message from the white house and others is the republicans will walk away from this deal and republicans are, in fact, ready to walk away from this deal if anything changes. so it's either up all the way or down all the way. but the house can't make any changes to it. jenna: so in its current form, the come prize in its current form, chris, what kind of shelf life do you give it? >> reporter: well, the longer it stays out, the less appetizing it's going to be to republicans because as you hear from people like senator tom coburn, senator-elect rand paul, former alaska governor sarah palin and others, people say, wait a minute, there is a ton of deficit spend anything this legislation, there is a ton of new spending in this legislation. not just the $60 billion for the extension of unemployment benefits, but also there are these tax rebates to nontaxpayers. these are incentives like giving money to people who may not end up paying taxes but do get money back from the irs. this all costs money, and when
12:08 pm
you start talking about $900 billion that all goes to deficit spending, what you find is that a lot of republicans say, wait a minute, i don't know if i can support this. so they need to move it very quickly. jenna: we're hearing mixed messages coming almost minute by minute. we did hear from house majority leader steny hoyer that says the house dems will go along with this. do you think that is false advertisement? >> reporter: no, i think that the house will, in fact -- i think carl was exactly right, and i think steny hoyer's right. i think that in the end the house probably just has to suck it up and go along with this because otherwise they will be held accountable because they were the ones who chose to delay this negotiation. they didn't take this up until after the election in order to serve their political needs in the midterms. so this was their choice. they waited late to do it. if, in fact, they walk away and be there's a huge tax increase for every american, it's going to be disastrous for their party. jenna: chris, real quick. your thoughts on a timeline for
12:09 pm
the ultimate compromise when we actually see a bill and if there's any even slight changes to the one that we have in front of us. >> >> reporter: well, we're hearing now that the senate is going to move this legislation today, that senate minority leader harry reid is going to roll this out, push it forward in the senate and start debate on this. what this tells us is that things have swung in to motion and that the house is probably moving forward because there's no way that reid would be taking this up and talking about it unless he thought he could get it done. so i think what you're seeing here, jenna, is that the very real pressure from republicans complaining about the amount of deficit spend anything this legislation, well, i think that's pushing democrats to hike the ball out a lot quicker. jenna: and as far as the house taking it up? >> reporter: the house will probably go second. i would imagine they will wait for the senate to get this done, and then they'll swallow the bitter pill. jenna: all right, we'll see. again, not a done deal until it's done. chris, always nice to see you. >> reporter: you bet. jenna: thank you.
12:10 pm
jon: there is fresh fire on capitol hill from democrats who are furious about the tax compromise. members of a democratic caucus saying they are nearly unanimous in their opposition to the tax cut deal. juan williams is a fox news political analyst. we wanted to ask him what this means for the president. a lot of democrats really angry at barack obama for getting together with republicans to strike to make this thing happen. does it bode well for him in terms of maybe getting a challenger from the left in 2012? >> no, i don't think anything significant, jon. i mean, there's always the possibility that howard dean might come back or you might get a russ feingold out of wisconsin against someone on left and someone who's been very concerned about the kind of what he would regard as fiscal lack of responsibility that democrats see in this bill in terms of building up the deficit and putting off, you know, giving, for example, the estate tax breaks to the rich which is really the flag that the democrats are flying in anger at
12:11 pm
the moment. why are you giving this deal to the republicans and the rich at a time when everybody says they're concerned about holding down the debt? but i don't see that you're going to get a significant challenge along the lines of, let's say, a ted kennedy versus a jimmy carter if you go back to 1980 that would absolutely split the democratic party. no, i don't see that right now. jon: it seems that you've got people on the far left who are angry, you've got people on the right who are somewhat angry, and maybe that's a good thing. maybe that is suggesting that this is some kind of a centrist move, i guess, that most people in the country would like. is the president really trying to appeal to independents here? >> i think that's right, jon, and i think that's what david axle rod, his top political adviser, has divined here. it's a move that suggests to the american people but specifically to those republicans who voted -- i'm sorry, those independents who voted republican in the midterms that this is a president who is now
12:12 pm
clearly focused on the economy, on jobs and, you know, even liberal economists -- and this is really the heart and soul of the argument the white house is making to the house democrats -- liberal economists, people like bob green stripe and others, are saying this is going to boost the american economy, and it's good for democrats and good for obama. the problem is that house democrats feel they have been attacked by the white house this week. you know, they're making axlerod and even joe biden, the vice president, into very unwelcome guests because they say these guys are pointing fingers at house democrats and saying if you had corralled the votes, we wouldn't be in negotiations with the republicans. you failed to do it. the house is shooting back you're sacrificing this tax extension because you want your s.t.a.r.t. treaty and other things done on your timetable, and this is all about you, and you lack core principles. so that's the kind of rhetoric we're seeing here. jon: but very quickly, if this
12:13 pm
doesn't get done, if the bush tax cuts are not extended, every single person in america sees a smaller paycheck -- assuming they're earning one -- sees a smaller paycheck come january 1, three weeks from now, right? >> correct. so that's a real liability from a democratic perspective that if you have to go to voters and explain why you did that, you know, voters are going to be like, yeah, but my taxes went up. i don't care about your politics in washington. for the most of this time, most voters have been opposed to extending tax cuts to those making beyond $250,000. i think most people just want to see a deal get done. right now you see democrats pushing for added sweeteners. they're trying to get anything they can into this deal, and i think that's part of what the resolution from peter defazio was about. democrats saying, you know, if white house won't fight the republicans, we're here, and we're willing to throw punches. jon: it's going to be interesting to watch. >> are it -- it is. jenna: a mother's lawyers say
12:14 pm
kidnapping charges should be dropped. what's their reason for that? we're on that story. plus, tracing the path of cocaine into the u.s. william la jeunesse is on that case. william? >> reporter: well, jenna, this represents one kilo of cocaine, about two pounds. now, how much do you think this would cost in colombia where it is grown and processed, there in mexico and how that price changes the moment it crosses the u.s. border. coming up, how profits drive the drug war.
12:15 pm
male announcer: introducing the world's first 100% custom, invisible, digital, and fully programmable hearing aid, loaded with today's most advanced hearing technologies, including our new soisticated noise reduction system. this amazing new invisible hearing aid is custom made, allows you to talk comfortably on the phone, sounds natural. - the quality of sound is excellent, and yet they're, you know, the size of a thumbtack. announcer: to learn more, call: today.
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12:17 pm
yeah. aww...that oj needs alka-seltzer plus. fast powder packs are a taste-free fizz-free way to transform your drink into a powerl cold fighter! there's a cold front moving in, but relief is on the way. jenna: well, now to america's third war, the war on drugs in mexico. today we look at how these drugs make it to our streets and how i u.s. citizens feel this problem. william la jeunesse is in sannie sid doe, california. william? >> reporter: jenna, you know it's ease i to point -- easy to point fingers at mexico for the
12:18 pm
violence this that country, but their war is our war because of the money that 31 million americans will pay to get their illegal drugs past that fence. >> the only way mexico will regain their security and get away from such lawless behavior is to take the money out of this whole illegal drug market, and it's our money we should be ashamed of ourselves. >> reporter: it's mexico's war, but americans pay for it. >> anybody that's buying narcotics is financing that effort. >> reporter: heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine all originate from or transit through mexico. the u.s./mexican border is but one hurdle for the cartels, one step in a long but profitable journey that fuels the violence in mexico.
12:19 pm
>> reporter: the driver of the instability there, jenna, that is not going down, and that's
12:20 pm
why many argue that the blood in mexico is on our hands. back to you. jenna: interesting to see that. william, thank you very much. jon: and not far from where william is standing, a nice house -- aside from all the clutter inside -- right no in escondido, california, authorities are about to set fire to the place, burn it to the ground. why? very dangerous things are packed inside. we'll take you there live.
12:21 pm
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jenna: a fox news alert, the senate is going to vote on a tax bill tonight, that's the headline just coming in to the newsroom right now. senator harry reid, the majority leader in the senate, plans to offer this legislation a little later today. now, there is a question or there was a question about whether or not the bill that's going to be offered on the senate floor is the exact same bill that the president worked
12:24 pm
out with republican leadership, and it is expected to be very similar, if knot changed at all -- not changed at all. in fact, we're just hearing there the white house who's speaking to our own mike emanuel saying this: the house and senate are working through the normal process of bringing a bill forward, and we are confident that the major components of the tax framework that we fought for will remain in the final package brought to the floor and, ultimately, passed by congress. now, remember, it's not enough just to vote on it in the senate, you've got to vote on this in the house as well, and we were just hearing from house democrats about how they do not want to consider this compromise bill at all. so interesting happenings down in d.c. we'll keep you posted as we hear more. jon: and to the other coast, now, the california coast where police call it a bomb factory in southern california. authorities right now are getting ready to burn the house down. police raided this home last month. they found what they call the
12:25 pm
largest cache of homemade explosives ever discovered in one spot inside the u.s. so now the bomb squad has built a 16-foot wall around the place. 60 homes in the neighborhood are evacuated, a highway even shut down so the bomb factory can be destroyed in the safest way possible. anita vogel live in escondido, california, for us. it may seem a little extreme to some people, anita. you burn down a perfectly good house. why? >> reporter: yeah, jon. they really had no other alternative. we are about an hour and a half, now, from authorities setting this house on fire. it's quite a bit a ways behind me in the distance, about a thousand feet behind those trees. but as you mentioned, authorities say the man renting this home, 54-year-old george jakubec, had packed it from floor to ceiling with all kinds of very dangerous chemicals and explosives, things used by the military, petn used by the failed shoe bomber. also all kinds of grenades, crates of grenades, grenade
12:26 pm
molds, detonators, handguns, wireless door remotes and so much more. authorities said they really had no other choice but to burn this house down. >> the sheriff's bomb squad will go in, and they're going to open the doors and windows, holes in the roof. very dangerous thing to do, this is a volatile chemical, so that's going to give us the good air flow and the draft so we get a hot, quick fire. >> reporter: and officials add this is absolutely unpress can'ted -- unprecedented to do this kind of thing in a neighborhood, but there are 40-50 different agencies involved, so they're hoping for the best, and they're hoping to protect everybody in the surrounding area. jon. jon: this guy who lived there, george jakubec, what do we know about him? >> reporter: right. we know he was an unemployed software engineer, he was apparently very disgruntled about being unemployed, that's according to his wife. we have no idea what he was planning to do with these
12:27 pm
chemicals. we know that he did rob three banks in the area and is accused of robbing a fourth and, jon, let me just tell you a little bit about the operation here. you mentioned they built a 16-foot-high wall, that's to protect the surrounding homes right there. they're going to set the fire by a series of remote-controlled incendiary devices. we have the fire department, of course, and all kinds of other emergency agencies on hand. i-15 will be shut down. and if everything goes as planned, we're expecting to see something that looks like your typical house fire. they say we may hear a couple of snaps and pops and maybe some very small explosives, but hopefully nothing too large. they're hoping to incinerate these chemicals inside in the about 30 minutes, although they say this fire could burn for the next three to four hours after that. jon? jon: what about the smoke. is that a problem? >> reporter: well, that's why this fire was a little bit delayed. we were supposed to see this under way in this hour, but because there was an inversion layer here, they decided to wait
12:28 pm
until the inversion layer lifted so they had clear skies so that the smoke can dissipate. we're told the smoke can go as high as a couple of thousand feet. that's what they're hoping for, and they've got all kinds of air pollution control experts on hand monitoring the air with devices that they've set up, so they're hoping it's not going to be a problem. jon: all right. we hope it's not a problem for you, anita vogel, not too far away there in escondido. [laughter] >> reporter: i have a mask. jon: good. jenna: a fox news alert happening right now in london, the parliament is voting on some proposed austerity measures that have sparked protests all along central london. you can see some of the fires burning right there. we have heard of some arrests and some injuries among some of the protesters and law enforcement as well. but the parliament picking up a very controversial piece of new austerity measures, really, for this country to triple tuition for students over the next several years. the students, as you can imagine, not happy. thousands taking to the streets. a situation we're watching
12:29 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] print from any mobile vice so your ideas can be there even when you're not. introducing the new web-connected printers with eprint from hp. jon: from the extreme weather center a weekend winter storm is headed our way. look at upstate new york. in the small town of randolph they are shoveling out from under nearly a foot of snow. janice dean is keeping an eye on a new storm system. weather machine, where is it
12:33 pm
headed? >> was that guy riding a bike? did you see that? and a foot of snow, jon scott, a foot of snow a day across randolph new york. look at these storm totals. 47 inches. yikes!. yes a new storm system could bring more snow on top of that. our shovel arms are feeling the sympathy. look at the windchill what it feels like against your skin if you're not bundled up. feel like 12 in green bay. eight in international falls. you see these temperatures, you think it is cold now? we'll see the next storm system drop the temperatures even further. the coldest air of the season is on its way. let's take a look at this storm system. so there's the radar right now. we have a clipper system that will move across the great lakes. then we've got our next system that is going to make its way in this weekend. saturday and sunday. upper midwest, across the ohio valley, interior northeast. we could see perhaps, even more than a foot of snow.
12:34 pm
we are fine-tuning our forecast and we'll bring you the very latest, jon, back to you. jon: so are we getting a white christmas here in new york city? >> ask me in a week. jon: okay. >> i can't see, my crystal ball doesn't go out that far. jon: are we going to get a white week before christmas? >> in new york city, no. it will be nasty, rain. maybe a mix. and actually will be warm but very windy. people will not like the forecast unfortunately. jon: all right. >> don't shoot the messenger. jon: jd, thank you. jenna: at that point, wow, doesn't sound good. jon is looking for snow. jon: i'm headed out west for a bit of prechristmas sking. jenna: really? you will report back from us. jon: i will give you a update. jenna: a live report, happening now, jon scott sking. we have the big story, tax cuts the deficit, the battle over both them. it leaves a lot of us wondering what is really the right thing to do for the economy?
12:35 pm
take the politics and take the policy out. the president wins again defending the deal. he is calling it crucial to america's future. >> as we meet here there is an important debate, i think most of you are aware of on capitol hill that will determine in part whether our economy moves forward or backward. jenna: those are the stakes. peter schiff is president of europacific capital. he is author of "how an economy gross and why it crashes". peter, do you agree or disagree with the president. >> i never agree with the president. jenna: come on, every once in a while? he says if this compromise doesn't go through the economy will move backwards. >> it will move backwards whether it goes through or not. we're not getting to the root cause of our problem, too much government. too much government regulation. too much government subsidies. and federal reserve keeping interest rates too low and bailing everybody out and printing too much money. it is not even true, they're talking about tax cuts. this is not legitimate tax
12:36 pm
cuts. government spending is not being reduced. we still have to pay for all this government. if we don't pay for it with taxes we'll pay for it through inflation. what americans get in the form of lower taxes will be more than offset by higher prices. it will cost americans a lot more money. we're talking about this cold weather coming in the east. it will be a lot more expensive to buy heating oil because of all these deficits being financed by the federal reserve which despite ben bernanke's comments on "60 minutes", the federal reserve is printing money. jenna: so baseball analogy, are we taking our eye off the ball here? if we are, where should we be looking to actually see an improved economy? >> we're not going to get any improvements until the government gets out of the way and stop making it worse. we have to understand economies don't grow because we spend money. they grow because we do the opposite. we need savings. savings finance capital investment. it gives us greater productivity, more goods and services and more jobs. we're not getting that we're getting more government. we're getting more money
12:37 pm
created out of thin air by the federal reserve. that is undermining our economy. that is preventing recovery. all we will have two years from now and economy in worse shape. we'll have more people unemployed. unfortunately the employed and unemployed alike will find a much meyer -- higher cost of living. not only prices go up but long-term interest rates go up. look what happened in the bond markets last several days. yields are moving up a lot faster right now because the market understands that bigger deficits means more money printing more inflation and that is being priced into the bond market in the form of higher interest rates. jenna: so that is what that market is seeing higher inflation as you were saying. so there has been a segment of the economy, peter to your point, has been saving money and keeping more cash on their books. part of that segment is the big banks. and we heard of a meeting between the ceo of one of the big banks, jpmorgan chase, jamie dimon, meeting with the president for what we don't know. apparently advice on the economy or something like that.
12:38 pm
there has been rumors that maybe he would replace larry summers. just what you hear that, is that, is that a good thing to see some more of these big business people come down to d.c. or not? that has been the criticism before. >> it is never a good thing when washington and wall street come together. they always pick the pockets of main street. that is what the government is doing through the federal reserve, is helping wall street drain the wealth from main street. these low interest rates, cheap credit coming through the federal reserve, it is not benefiting business. it is benefiting wall street because they're gambling. they get the cheap money. they speculate with it. meanwhile real business haves a hard time getting loaned because the credit is siphoned over to wall street all being used by the government to finance spending. it is going to students. going to housing. jenna: sure. peter, let me jump in because we've got to run. a big question for a lot of our viewers whether or not we'll actually see a recovery in the next few years or whether it is further out from that? i have only 30 seconds but what is your projection?
12:39 pm
>> there is no recovery anywhere in sight. we're spending more borrowed money right now. we're basically drinking alcohol so we're doing stupid things. we have a real hangover coming. the financial crisis could hit in 2011 or 2012 will be much worse than what happened in 2008 because this is not just private industry that can't pay its bills. we'll have the u.s. government that can't pay its bills. various states can't pay their bills. it will be a sovereign credit crisis. it will be currency crisis where the dollar is plunging. bonds, municipal bonds, treasurys plunging. we'll have a lot more unemployment, higher interest rates. we're digging ourselves into much deeper hole. jenna: after that i think we could all use a drink. speak of that, i don't know. >> we have to stop drinking. we have to sober up but bernanke keeps spiking the punchbowl. jenna: off that debt. pete we'll check back into you. enjoy your point of view. jon: not exactly optimistic. jenna: that is peter schiff. he called the crash.
12:40 pm
made quite a bit of money off doing that. keep in perspective the sources of information too. jon: thanks. a scary scene caught on surveillance video. wait until you see what happens when the homeowner confronts the suspects in this home invasion. a lot of you weighing in our our live chat. rick is keeping an eye on it for us. what do you have in. >> lively chat room today, john and jenna. the dream act passed in the house. senate yet to vote. many of you don't want to let the senate vote for us. arlene says this is slap in the face for people that enter the country legally. i lived in this country my whole life, paid my college it few which are shun where it my dream act? what do you want to chat about? go on line and we're back with "happening now" coming right up [ le announcer ] you know her. we know diamonds. together we'll make her holiday.
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>> hay everyone i'm megyn kelly. did you happen to catch
12:44 pm
congressman anthony weiner on the show yesterday. he says don't worry about the estate tax because you'll be dead. we'll have a fair and balanced debate as follow-up. plus this deal on taxes may be coming apart right now in the house. can president obama keep his own party together? dana perino is here. mastercard and visa have been coming under internet attack. hackers apparently in support of the wikileaks website have been mounting sophisticated internet attacks on some of these web sites. now a dutch teen has been
12:45 pm
arrested in connection with at least some of those attacks. this according to the dutch newspaper. it is believed there are hundreds if not thousands of hackers around the world who are trying to show their support for wikileaks by mounting these attacks. they are upset that those two credit card companies, among others, have cut ties with the wikileaks website. wikileaks used to accept donations through those cards. it can do so no longer. that is what the hackers are mad about apparently. now at least one 16-year-old has been arrested. general in -- jenna. jenna: the fight between the white house and democrats is heating up and boiling over in the last hour. some house democrats are attemptingo block the tax cut legislation the president worked out with republican leaders. the house democrats passing a resolution say they will not vote on the proposed tax package as it currently stands. democratic congressman brad sherman is a member of the
12:46 pm
house financial services committee. he joins us now. congressman, are you part of this group that does not want to see this tax package as it stands on the house floor? >> i, the group is overwhelming. there was a voice vote. there was not one audible dissenting voice. however, you can't overstate what the resolution calls for. it calls for us to taking a look at this program and putting, making it better. jenna: what would make it better, congressman? our viewers are definitely interested in this. not all of them are happy with the compromise as it stands. so in your mind what would make it better? >> well, a couple of things. we have to deal differently with the estate tax, under this program those who die in 2010, estates,00 of millions of dollars go with not only a zero tax but a less than zero tax. that is to say there is option where you can opt into something to save money
12:47 pm
on your income taxes or have a zero tax, whatever your tax lawyer thinks is better. what we want to perhaps take the whole estate tax provisions out of this bill, or alternatively, apply the deal for 2011 and 2012 to 2010 as well. a second proposal that is really my proposal is that instead of a payroll tax holiday which will dribble money to people all the way till next christmas, instead, we send people a check this spring, and get the money into their hands sooner. also not have the prospect that, that the social security trust fund is receiving money from a general fund or borrowed funds. the social security trust fund should in an optimal situation be getting the money from those who are participating in the program. jenna: so congressman, sherman, when you say send people a check this spring, what do you mean and how much? >> well, the amount that the
12:48 pm
republicans have agreed to is $120 billion and the way to do it, is take, take a look at what people paid into social security in 2010, and send them a check would be slightly less than a third of whatever, whatever i paid in 2010. send a check out as quickly as possible. if we did a good job of it we could get it in people as hands and pay for christmas bills in 2010, rather than dribbling out the money all the way to christmas 2011. we need to keep the social security trust fund receiving money from employees. we need to get money into people's hands. the republicans agreed to the $120 million going to all those, going to everybody but based only on wages up to about $106,000. they have agreed to that. this is a better mechanism that prevents the republicans from arguing that we have now begun the process of unraveling the social security contract
12:49 pm
between the employee when they're working and the retiree when they retire. jenna: so congressman, thank you for sharing some of those specifics with us because that's what we're looking at here to see when a compromise would actually come together if there is one in order. here is what house majority leader steny hoyer had to say, the democrats had no choice but to accept the tax package negotiated by the president. the president's spokesperson from the white house today said the white house is confident that the major components of the tax framework that we fought for will remain in the final package brought to the floor and ultimately passed by congress. so those are two comments. one coming from the majority leader, your majority leader and one coming from the president. what's your thoughts? >> i think that we will eventually pass something that has many of the major components. the one thing that republicans have demanded again and again is that we preserve the bush tax cuts on the income tax and on dividends and on capital gains all the way through the end of 2012.
12:50 pm
i think that this caucus, the democratic caucus would be willing to vote on a bill that would do that providing we dealt differently with the estate tax or differently with the payroll tax holiday the republicans already accepted but accepted in a form that isn't the best form to carry out what is a democratic poll sip and a policy the republicans have consented to. jenna: interesting to see that potential bartering going on here. final question, congressman, for you. can you see a scenario that we go into the new year, we have only 30 seconds that we don't have a compromise? are you willing to dig your heels for the payroll tax holiday and you don't get that and americans see their tax rates go up? >> it is republicans who have taken the middle class hostage. i'm, i hate to put this, i agree with the president where we should be willing to pay some ran some but we should not pay the full ran some that the republicans are demanding. and i, i am convinced that if we don't pass a law in
12:51 pm
december we'll end up passing a bill in january. i think we'll pass a better bill and sooner but we do need to make soming changes before we put it on the president's desk. jenna: congressman sherman, a pleasure to have you today, sir. thank you so much. >> good to be with you. jon: a fox news alert now. you might get ready for more trouble in britain. this after the british parliament voted to approve the tuition hikes that have so many students steamed. two policemen hurt in protests today but the tuition hikes approved. 6=?/ñ
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
[shouting]. jenna: take a listen to the sound of outrage in the streets of london. what you're seeing on the
12:55 pm
streets is some reaction to the latest vote that was just passed in parliament. proposal to triple tuition for university students over the next couple years. the students not happy with this. thousands taking to the streets outside parliament and protests have gotten rowdier and rowdier. really the evening has passed on. the vote just happened. we just got the results moments ago. just about 20 minutes ago. we have seen some injuries. some arrests for both police and for protesters themselves. you can see on the screen. you can see it. people are not happy with this. and they don't want to see this type of austerity measure. we'll continue to follow this story as we take a broader look here. just for a point of reference. you look at parliament. right next to it is westminster abbey. that is where the prince is going to be married in a couple of months. this is central london, a particularly important historical and political point for the city. as we hear more we'll get you a live report from the
12:56 pm
ground there in just a few minutes. jon? jon: a major vote of confidence in america's future to tell you about. the ford motor company is spending millions of dollars to upgrade a plant in louisville kentucky. the decision means about 1800 new jobs are going online there. let's talk about it with mark fields. ford executive vice president and president of ford operations in the americas. this is a $600 million retrofit and improvement to this plant. you don't spend more than half a billion dollars if you don't think things are going to turn around. is that really what this is, a sign of confidence? well, i do think this is a sign of confidence. it's a great day for ford. it is a great day for the facility here in louisville, the city of louisville also i think for american manufacturing. our business is growing. we're reinvesting in great products for our customers. this is just another proof point of us doing exactly that. jon: your business is growing and yet you didn't take that government bailout. gm and chrysler both did.
12:57 pm
how is ford able to pull that off and how does the future look? >> well, i think overall we had a plan. we've been executing that plan. not getting distracted by a lot of things going on in the economy and in the industry. but we have remained really focused on customers and just bringing out great product, a full family of products with a great fuel efficiency, quality, technology, and value. of course great design. and that's what we're going to stay focused on going forward. jon: and, it's not just the 1800 jobs at the plant there. you're going to be, there will be sort of trickle down jobs all throughout the community as a result of this? >> right. we're going to add about 1800 jobs to this facility here and, there are studies from, there's an organization called the center for automotive research. they show for every assembly job that you add there is nine or 10 other jobs, trickle down jobs that come out of that. so this is great news for the state of kentucky and particularly the city of
12:58 pm
louisville in terms of what we're going to do to grow the population of workers here. jon: 1800 new jobs coming online. i am sure our viewers will be knocking on your door. mark fields from the ford motor company, thank you. jenna: a stark contrast going from our country back over to london here where we're seeing massive protests. as we have seen over the last several hours. first it seemed calm. you saw thousands in the streets. definitely a big number, john jon we saw for sure. but the tone and move definitely changed as we see the hours pass pass by. jon: they have passed that the vote. they passed the thing these students came out to protest, students and union members. the vote was 323 to 30. so on a margin of 21 votes, members of parliament have the veried to approve tuition increase that will send cost of a college education in the u.k. up
12:59 pm
about $14,000 per year. right now it costs oh, about $5,000. those tuition increases don't start immediately. they will be phased in overtime and they will be up to the individual universities but, those have been approved and that is not going to make the mood of these protesters any better. jenna: take a look at some of these pictures too. imagine being in middle of that crowd. probably not a safe place to be we heard of injuries for police and protesters as well. the picture here, many different austerity measures many european countries had to change the way of life they have been living over the past several years. the big question for us back stateside, what type of austerity measures might we have to take to take care of our debt and what our reaction might be to that. jon: easy to get used to spending money. a lot of us did it i


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